Possibilities of plasma surface treatment

We offer possibility of the more effective or even new solution for your production in the field of surface treatment (modification) of powder materials which are subsequently processed for instance:

We offer modifications such as hydrophilisation of polyolefins and adhesion enhancement of the particles, which leads to higher wettability and excellent dispersion. Description of the process mechanism is described in the section Technology – Treatment effect.

We also provide following types of treatment:

  • Treatment of plastic surfaces – surface activation before gluing, painting or printing, etc. Application examples you can find in the section Applications – Surface treatment of 3-D objects.
  • Development of further processes – for example hydrophobic treatments, fine cleaning of micro surfaces or according to particular requirements.

We are SPECIALISTS in the field of hydrophilization of powder materials. We offer entering test of modification on your sample and its evaluation.

Surface treatment is realized by patented low-pressure plasma equipment. Production depends on the type, quality and amount of the processed material. Quality of the treatment is certified by quality certificate with each production.