SurfaceTreat, a.s.

Development of modern technology of surface treatment

SurfaceTreat, Inc. is a young high-tech company established in 2008. The main aim is development and production in the field of plasma surface treatment. We offer “tailor-made” innovative solution of surface treatment. Our research and development as well as production are based on the newest material research and on effective and proved technology. High quality production and fast and flexible reaction to the requirements of the nowadays market belong to our priorities.

Our activities are divided into the following fields:

Processing (services)

  • powder, granules or foil surface modification
    • polyolefins hydrophilisation
    • adhesion properties enhancement of the particles
    • hydrophobic treatment – encapsulation
  • surface modification of the plastic parts
  • plasma cleaning
  • various measurement and testing methods ( surface tension measurement, adhesion measurement, abrasion measurement, etc.)

Production field

  • development and production of special equipment for plasma surface treatment
  • development and production of special components for the equipment mentioned above

Research and development

  • costumer oriented development of plasma technology applications
  • new technologies of the surface treatment

Research and development activities are encouraged by cooperation with specialized labs at universities in the Czech Republic and abroad and are supported by program projects for research and development of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic.

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