Atmospheric plasma nozzle

Atmospheric plasma nozzle enables surface treatment of materials prior to gluing, printing or lacquering. The plasma processes are based on creation of active particles (ions, exited atoms, radicals, etc.) by the working gas going through plasma discharge. This causes reaction on the polymer surface, when new functional groups are bound on the polymeric chain (particularly OH groups). Material surface energy is changed (enhanced) and material becomes hydrophilic. Wettability /adhesion of the surface is enhanced, so for example glue, printing ink or lacquer is applied easily, it has very good adhesion and so the final quality is increased.

Atmospheric plasma nozzle with source

Treatment of PP surface by atmosheric plasma

Enhanced surface tension in the area of the treatment (>38 mN/m)

  • enviroment friedly pretreatment technology
  • implementation into curent production lines

Application in production of plastic products for medical purposes, automotive, engineering industry; R&D institutions.

Technical data – PDF

If you feel that we can help you in the area of surface treatment, please send us information about material to be processed, its amount and about its final application or required properties. We will be very pleased to contact you back with our offer as soon as possible.

Atmospheric plasma nozzle and collaborative UR robot

Combination of innovative surface treatment technology and robotic arm with human arm movement range brings flexible and effective solution of complex shapes surface treatment.

For more info about Universal Robots please, see:

Video: Plasma activation of complex shaped part
Video: Plasma activation of bottle surface