Plasma treated additives

Materials such as for example waxes, UHMWPE, etc. with particle size of tens of microns or microns are used as rub resistance additive for printing inks, modifying of surface properties matting agent for paints & coatings, lubricant for plastics especially for high demanding pigment concentrates based on PE and PP (dispersing aid) or textures for liquid coatings. We reach very good results with those materials when they have excelent dispersion after plasma treatment without any other additives such as chemical dispersing agents or they can be used instead of more expensive oxidized variant of these additives. Results of application tests with UHMWPE added into paint you can see in the section Testing method – Adhesion of final layer – abrasion resistance.

Modified material is very ease dispersed in water and there are no agglomerations in dispersion. Detailed description about wettability of powder form is in the section Testing methods – Wettability of powder materials.

There is also research and development in the area of application of plasma modified materials for applications such as composites and functional or protective coatings.

Dispersion of modified and unmodified powder in water is on the picture.

Video – plasma modified PE powder – dispersion in water.