Special equipment - tailor made solution

We offer:

  • Special equipment for plasma surface treatment (low pressure or atmospheric processes) for enhancement of surface energy, respectively adhesion properties of the surface. Application can be found for example in automotive, textile, machine engineering and other industries.
  • reconstruction/refurbishment of current equipment for plasma surface treatment in the case of different plasma technology to be applied or in the case of different substrate to be treated.

As an example we can present reconstruction in cooperation with Hochschule Hof, University of Applied Sciences, Germany.

Original device designed for plasma deposition on polymeric hose using RF plasma

Redesigned device for plasma and/or magnetron sputter deposition of thin layers on fibers, textiles or hoses using magnetron deposition. System was adjusted on high vacuum process.

We provide full service including:

  • problem analyze – from requirements to definition of treatment process
  • process design – determination of optimum process parameters, tests on the particular material
  • equipment development and design – the latest PC systems for 2D and 3D construction
  • delivery and service – technical support, training, documentation

Optimum solution for our customers and trustful business relations are on the first place.

Please contact us with your individual requirements, technological parameters or problems you would like to solve in this area. It is challenge for us to find the right way for you.