Adhesion to PU foams

Plasma treated powder significantly improves PE/PU adhesion used in production of insulated containers, seats, transporting trays or other products requiring high quality adhesive bonding.

The advantages of the strong bond between PE/PU:

• simple constructions of the products without additional support

• improved resistance against the mechanical stress – see the video – PE/PU adhesion test

• it is proved that significant enhancement of PE/PU adhesion is reached also with mixture of plasma treated and untreated material, e.g., ratio 50/50.

The testing results with different ratio are shown it the graph below.

As it is known, there is no adhesion between PE and PU, see on the picture (left side).

We reach great results using tensile test when adhesion between PE and PU foam is higher than cohesion of the foam itself. The testing sample is created in the form of sandwich and consists of one layer of sintered plasma treated PE material, layer of standard PU foam and another layer from sintered plasma treated material as you can see on the picture. Different materials were tested as well.

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