LA 650 – Laboratory low pressure plasma system for surface treatment

The LA650 system serves for plasma generation in vacuum and surface treatment of the material. Plasma is generated by two microwave sources. The system is suitable for plasma treatment of powder materials or plastic parts. The surface of plasma treated materials is changed from hydrophobic to hydrophilic. The system serves for small to big volume processing as well as for testing batches.

Plasma treated powder materials are directly wettable, they are not agglomerating if they are used for example in dispersion or they keep hydrophilic/adhesive properties also after sintering, when used in rotomolding for production of foamed products such as insulating boxes, seats, etc.

Particle size of the processed materials is from 8 – 800 micrometers.

Batch size for powder materials is variable from 6 -10 kg according to the material type and the particle size

The surface of plasma treated plastic parts is activated for printing, gluing or other adhesion requiring applications.

Powder materials are transported to the treatment chamber using conveyor in the case of big volume processing. Testing batches are filled manually.

Plastic parts are placed on the moving bottom of the chamber, which is lifted after filling to close the chamber for subsequent plasma process. 

System content:

– generator                                              
(two pulsed microwave sources, max. output 2 kW, cabinet dimensions 800 x 500 x 2100 mm)

– vacuum chamber                            
(stainless steel, diameter 650 mm, height 200 mm)

– pirani vacuum gauge                      
(0-1 bar)

– gas control                                          
(mass flow controller 0-1000 sccm,  7 µm filter)

– vacuum pump                                                      
(65 m3/hour, incl. oil mist separator)

– control system                                  
(PLC touch screen interface, cabinet dimensions 800 x 500 x 2100 mm)

  • the system is suitable for industrial use
  • application in automotive, mechanical engineering or electro technical industry; productions for medical purposes, etc.