Adhesion to PUR foams

Application tests – adhesion of PUR foam on sintered surface from plasma treated powder

As it is known, there is no adhesion between PE and PUR, see on the picture.

In our case we reach very good results using only manual strength test, when adhesion between PE and PUR foam is higher than cohesion of the foam itself. Specimen is created in the form of sandwich and consists of one layer of sintered modified PE material, layer of standard PUR foam and another layer from sintered modified material as you can see on the picture. Different materials were tested as well.

Sample made of untreated sintered material and standard PUR foam

Samples demonstrating adhesion between outer layer of sintered modified powder filled by standard PUR foam

Samples after destruction

Adhesion between sintered parts from modified PE and PUR foam could be used in the case of foamed plastic products such as seats or insulating boxes without using any additional pretreatment as it is usual. There is also significant enhancement of whole body strength, which leads to simpler construction.